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Turbo plasma rifles are energy based weapons that appear in Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. Gameplay articles: Fallout, Fallout 2. It is a modified version of the Winchester P94 plasma rifle The turbo plasma rifle is an energy weapon in Fallout 2. The following section is transcluded from Plasma rifle. To modify, please edit the source page. Plasma rifles or plasma casters are high tech weapons firing superheated bolts of plasma.. Turbo Plasma rifle is range 35. Jove the Sleep Depraved. I like the Pulse Rifle, for the extra damage, but that's not usually an option until long after the Plasma Rifle becomes available in any form Fallout 2 Rare Encounters - Guardian of Forever - Продолжительность: 2:49 prjctbiohazard 11 273 просмотра. I Built an Unethical Zoo Where Nobody Is Safe - Planet Zoo - Продолжительность: 21:04 Let's Game It Out Recommended for you

Fallout 2. You can upgrade every regular plasma rifle to turbo for free if you talk to the old guy in the basement of the weapon shop in new Reno ..is essentially a unique plasma rifle, named Z43-521P Turbo Plasma Rifle, with the name coming from the Green Bean rocket display in the REPCONN Headquarters I also swapped the firing sound from the defualt to the firing sound from Fallout 3's Plasma Rifle, as in my opinion, it sounded better Turbo plasma rifle (Fallout 2) - The Vault Fallout Перевести эту страницу. 23.08.2014 · ↑ Fort Independence terminals; Research Terminal, Research Log - Plasma Rifle ↑ Research Note - Plasma rifle ↑ 4.0 4.1 Chris Taylor interview for Vault13.net ↑ Fallout and Fallout 2 item description: {23300}.. Turbo Plasma Rifle. From FOnline 2 Wiki. Jump to navigation Jump to search. A modified Winchester P94 plasma rifle. The plasma bolt chamber has been hotwired to accelerate the bolt formation process. Min ST: 6. Damage

The Turbo Plasma Rifle is a modified Winchester P94 Plasma Rifle. The plasma bolt chamber has been hotwired to accelerate the bolt formation In Fallout, the Turbo Plasma Rifle can be obtained from Smitty after completing one of the Boneyard quests. You must already possess the Plasma Rifle I'll just have to add some artistic freedom to it. I'm going to make some modifications of the rifle in the screenshot, some parts look out of place/silly. About us. The largest and oldest Fallout fan website on the internet. Running since 1997

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How do I get into the Necropolis in Fallout? asked 8 years ago in Walkthroughs by anonymous

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  1. Xmarx Scale Terrain/Buildings. The Plasma Rifle was developed by the Capellan Confederation. Based upon their man-portable version, the Confederation was able to create what is essentially a massive Flamer
  2. Turbo Plasma Rifle. 234. Spiked Knuckles
  3. Plasma is good against anything except for Tesla armor. The Alien Blaster uses a different technology (and from the death animations seen from Fallout Turbo Plasma Rifle! Ask Smitty in the Boneyard. The upgrade lowers the AP cost as well as slightly increasing damage and greatly increasing range
  4. the alien blaster does the same damage but it's very short range the only advantage it has over the turbo plasma rifle is it uses more common small energy cells and takes lees AP to fire.but for most circumstances yes the turbo plasma rifle is..
  5. Fallout Seriesturbo plasma rifle(6 posts)solved(6 posts)solved. So, as I understand it, Smitty in Adytum can upgrade my plasma rifle into a turbo plasma rifle. I've completed the fix the farm quest, and he has already upgraded my power armor, but whenever I talk to him now, all he says is Nice to..

A modified Winchester P94 plasma rifle. The plasma bolt chamber has been hotwired to accelerate the bolt formation process. Long Range. This weapon is PvP viable. The turbo plasma rifle requires a Turbo Plasma Capacitor Fallout 2 for PC cheats - Cheating Dome has all the latest cheat codes, unlocks, hints and game secrets you need. The best is probably the Assault Rifle: aside from the weapon itself being more expensive, you'll get a fresh clip - which has enough ammo to fully load two regular ARs Turbo Plasma Rifle. Again, keep in mind the gatling laser is a burst weapon and the amount of damage it does is misleading. In general plasma weapons do more damage at the cost of less range, the choice is up to you, but the turbo plasma rifle will probably be your best weapon PL 7 MFC 1/shot Longarm (Personal Firearms Proficiency). Plasma rifles are high-tech weapons which find numerous applications in military and industrial fields. They fire superheated bolts of plasma powered by Microfusion Cells or Plasma Cartrages depending on the manufacturer Turbo plasma rifle was bugged in my version, but even, I think, the gauss rifle is better than TPR from first part. P.S. About getting best weapon/armor on the start of the game, in Fallout 2> almost, but you must have a lot of money you often don't have on start

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  1. 3. Fallout 2 Walkthrough 3.1 Arroyo and the Temple of Trials 3.2 The Den 3.3 Klamath and the Toxic Caves 3.4 Modoc and the Ghost Farm 3.5 Redding 3.6 Vault City, Vault 8, and Gecko 3.7 The Raiders' Camp With the Turbo Plasma Rifle, the enemy melts. It's either all a good thing or all a bad thing..
  2. Homemade Fallout Plasma Rifle. Discussion in 'HardForum Tech News' started by HardOCP News, Nov 23, 2015
  3. Главная » Файлы » Моды Fallout 2 » Модиф. оружия. Real Turbo Plasma Rifle mod 1.0. [СКАЧАТЬ (1,2 Кб)]
  4. Now you can have the Fallout® 1:1 Plasma Rifle for your very own collection. Whether you want to display your favorite Plasma replica in your house and take your costume to a whole new level at next year's Cosplay events, this is the perfect game accessory for you
  5. Turbo Plasma rifle is range 35. Jove the Sleep Depraved. I like the Pulse Rifle, for the extra damage, but that's not usually an option until long after the Plasma Rifle becomes available in any form
  6. There's a Plasma Rifle to be found too, and a decent cache of Micro Fusion Cells, if you don't already have enough of these. Recently, while replaying Fallout 2 in order to check out a few things I was unsure of, I managed to get through the whole thing in about 8 hours playing time by taking a few..
  7. Fallout 76 lets you switch between several types of weapons when going out and facing Appalachia's dangers. While firearms might be an immediate go-to for many players, getting a plasma grenade plan can give you access to an alternative solution

energy weapons like pluse rifle or plasma rifle.and i think most of meele weapons are useless. Melee weapons are only useful in Fallout Tactics where you can sneak up on the enemy. The best weapon is still the Turbo Plasma Rifle Got the Turbo Plasma Rifle in Adytum after slaughtering the Regulators like the hulking minigun-wielding power armour-clad beast I am. Sniper rifle have crazy range so sometimes you can win against a strong oponent without even getting hit once. Same thing applies to Fallout 2, only.. Fallout 4 - Turbo plasma rifle - New weapon - Location - Showcase - PC - By Scail New Turboplasma rifle in Institute arsenal. ➢3% off on G2A: www.g2a.com/r/futureshock PC ►Today's video is a Fallout Plasma Rifle Unboxing! Like and subscribe! My husband kind of trolled me on this one Here's the plasma rifle from a different angle Plasma Rifle Opis: Karabin plazmowy Winchester Model P94. Profesjonalna broń energetyczna, wystrzeliwująca strumienie gorącej plazmy przez Min. siła: 6 Zasięg: 25 Obrażenia: 30-65 Magazynek: 10 Micro Fusion Cells Punkty ruchu: 5P, 6C Waga: 12. Turbo Plasma Rifle Opis..

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  1. Il vous donnera un Turbo Plasma Rifle. Mais vous devrez avoir un Plasma Rifle avant de parler à Smitty
  2. The gooifying energy-based weapons of the Fallout games don't look like the safest things to use. But they sure look neat, especially in real life. Made by cosplayer TheAnti-Lily, at first it might look like 3D art, but the WIP pics below prove that it's actually wood, PVC pipe bits, electric cables and green lights
  3. Fallout 2 Weapon Pack. By Al Simmons, May 11, 2006 in ADDONS & MODS: DISCUSSION. Energy Weapons:Laser Pistol,Plasma Pistol,Alien Blaster,Solar Scorcher,PPK12 Gauss Pistol ,Laser Rifle ,Plasma Rifle ,Turbo Plasma Rifle ,M72 Gauss Rifle ,YK42B Pulse Rifle ,Gatling Laser
  4. A modified Winchester P94 plasma rifle. The plasma bolt chamber has been hotwired to accelerate the bolt formation process. Long Range. This weapon is PvP viable. Note: Turbo Plasma Rifle has +5 crit roll bonus. Craft them from Resources at a EN Machinery
  5. FALLOUT Walkthrough. SECTION I. Vault 13 Cave Entrance. Search the corpse near the vault entrance and equip yourself. Turbo Plasma Rifle, the one and true energy weapon, nearly as good as an. alien blaster which doesn't look so good. Now you're ready to take on the
  6. Fallout - atvirojo pasaulio kompiuterinis žaidimas vaidmenimis (RPG) DOS ir Windows platformoms. Boneyard: Turbo Plasma Rifle Go to Boneyard after you have the missing parts from the dead body. Talk to Smitty in the first house, where you can see a man through a hole in the ceiling

This article is about Jiralhanae variant Plasma rifle. For standard variant, see Type-25 plasma rifle. The Brute plasma rifle, known as the blood-hand by Jiralhanae, is a modified version of the Covenant's Type-25 Directed Energy Rifle used by the Jiralhanae Fallout 2. A juz na pewno nie warto tagować rzucania pod granaty, kiedy chcemy ganiać z bazooką (kolejny nonsens, naprawdę o wiele lepiej się sieje zagładę za pomocą Turbo Plasma Rifle) upgradeedildiginde turbo plasma rifle oluverir, kendisi fallout'un en iyi silahiyken, fallout 2'de pulse rifle'in gerisinde kalir ancak gonulleri $ampiyonudur Real Turbo Plasma rifle, costs 4 AP for shot (max damage reduced a bit). - strong single-shot energy weapons now spend more than 1 cell round for each I have a GOG version of Fallout 2 with RE 2.3.3 and sFall 3.6 installed. The error message says: The instruction at 004b6267 referenced memory at..

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Fallout is a 1997 post-apocalyptic PC/Mac RPG from Black Isle Studios and Interplay. A vault dweller - a descendant of the people who took to one of the enormous fallout shelters before the nuclear apocalypse - is forced to head out into the toxic wastelands to find a water chip.. Plasma weapons in Fallout 4 are relatively rare because of how powerful they are. You'll almost certainly not find one before level 20 and if you do you'll most likely be out of ammo for it with no way of getting more as the plasma cartridges are some of the most expensive ammunition in the game Plasma Rifle to Turbo Plasma Rifle (more damage, greater range). Laser Pistol to Magneto-Laser Pistol (extra penetrating power). War Story Recently, while replaying Fallout 2 in order to check out a few things I was unsure of, I managed to get through the whole thing in about 8 hours playing time by.. Turbo Plasma Rifle. H&k caws. YK42B Pulse Rifle. Scoped Hunting Rifle. Jony's BB Gun. Assault Rifle (Exp. Mag.

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  1. Турбо-Плазменная Винтовка (Turbo Plasma Rifle)
  2. A modified Winchester P94 plasma rifle. The plasma bolt chamber has been hotwired to accelerate the bolt formation process. This weapon has the Long Range Weapon perk and requires a Turbo Plasma Capacitor
  3. Turbo Plasma Rifle: This Winchester P94 plasma caster had a modification installed to hotwire the bolt chamber. The plasma bolt formation process is hereby REPCONN Plasma Rifle: This plasma rifle was developed by REPCONN Aerospace specifically for the US Army. The design is unlike the..
  4. The Turbo Plasma Rifle only costs 4 AP's for a single shot! If you use long-range weapons, you'll get a negative modifier if you are attacking critters at really close range. This is an issue with the Fallout combat engine
  5. It's been a while since we've seen a really cool Fallout 3 weapon replica, so it's extra-nice that this handmade A3-21 Plama Rifle is so very awesome. It's the work of Ryan Palser, who sent us word of his just-completed project -- a five-month process. Check out a bonus photo after the break
  6. Base crafting items on the server Fallout 2 Online: Requiem. A modified Winchester P94 plasma rifle. The plasma bolt chamber has been hotwired to accelerate the bolt formation process. Craft 1: Turbo Plasma Rifle 1 pc. 3300 exp. Вы можете модернизировать плазменное оружие, усилив его

+ Plasma Rifle is an Energy Weapon in Fallout 4. It MUST have a Stock in order to remain a Plasma Rifle. This Weapon can be turned into a Plasma Scattergun by adding any Splitter to it Micro Fusion. Turbo Plasma Rifle. 45. Odkazy. Bethesda Fallout No Mutants Allowed The Vault Nuka Pedia Fallout 4 Nexus Fallout Corner Trzynasty Schron FalloutNow So how do I find this rifle? I farm the purple extreme difficulty twisters for about 2 days now. Should I also visit every friendly station with no threat, all of the Supply TL;DR: the only way to get Plasma Rifle that will take less than a human lifespan to accomplish is to hunt tier 6 pirate ships, period When you have real talent, as the AntiLily does, you can turn this...into this in just a matter of days. Speaking of which, Fallout 4 has three Lovecraftian quests I think Mythos fans will enjoy. One of them involves a potentially world-ending artifact from Lovecraft's Nameless City in the Arabian Rub'al..

Here is Gauss rifle from Fallout 4, this prop is fully disassembling. Electronics inside - NIXIE tubes, control curcuit, Arduino nano, blue and red Today i've build a gauss rifle from Fallout 3/ New Vegas. I did it as good as I could in LEGO design and I also updated the plasma rifle which I build in my first. 5. Plasma Rifle. Turbo Plasma. Damage. Range him a Turbo Plasma rifle (Thanks Algernnon) and split the ammo. I tend to use the Bozar for spread damage and a Turbo Plasma or the YKB32 Pulse Rifle. Once I get enough ammo for the Gauss then Marcus gets all my MFC 7:55. Fallout Tactics: Plasma rifle. Feltöltötte: Jenci | Fallout 2 is the sequel of the critically acclaimed turn based role-playing game Fallout. It was developed by Black Isle Studios, the creators of the original game and published by Interplay in 1998. This sequel featured slightly more weapons than its predecessor and also included weapon..

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Fallout 2, part of, of course the Fallout series, was released in 1998. This installment improves much upon its predecessor, being a game They also carry the some of the most powerful weapons in the game, including plasma rifles and gauss rifles. Just one trooper is capable of easily curb stomping.. One is a plasma minigun and the other is a plasma rifle that's better than the old turbo model. The wanamingo aliens play a fairly large role in this mod and they are explained in a way that is consistent with Fallout 2 and the fallout bibles Fallout: BoS Fallout Tactics Fallout Equipment Database Freedom Force Freedom Force vs. Third Reich Game of Thrones GameBanshee BBS Hellgate Once you upgrade it to the Turbo Plasma Rifle in Adytum (the Boneyards), you'll have the best weapon in the game, very capable of taking out.. Fallout. Cheatbook is the resource for the latest Cheats, tips, cheat codes, unlockables, hints and secrets to get the edge to win. To get a turbo plasma rifle, go to boneyard (after you have got the missing parts from the dead body)and talk to smitty in the first house where you can see a man..

Welcome to my Fallout 2 guide/walkthrough. This guide exists because I realized that if I wanted the That turned out to be quite an undertaking, but on the other hand, as far as I'm concerned Fallout 2 There's a Turbo Plasma Rifle on Matt's body and the containers in the southwestern room are filled.. To get a turbo plasma rifle, go to boneyard after youhave got the missing parts from the dead bodyand talkto smitty in the first house where you can see a manthrough a hole in the ceiling and he give you a turboplasma rifle. You must have a plasma rifle before talkingto Smitty Fallout 1 vs Fallout 2? Gameplay and story wise. Also Vault Dweller vs the Chosen One. Which did you think was a better character and why? The Vault dweller has his hardened powered armor and turbo plasma rifle. The Chosen one, his car, Gauss Rifle, and Advanced power armor MKII Koop en verkoop fallout 2 eenvoudig op Marktplaats.nl ✅ Lokale aanbiedingen - Ga ervoor! 89 resultaten voor 'fallout 2'. Ontvang meldingen van nieuwe zoekresultaten. Bewaar zoekopdracht

futbolchi Page fallout, Serverda o'ynab [GunServer] УБOЙHЫЙ GunGame TURBO + FREE VIP (14/2/5) (CSS). futbolchi reytingini, hisobni, futbolchi server eng pozitsiyasi, muddati va boshqalar qara. fallout o'yinchi CSS. o'tgan tashrifi16d 17m ilgari - Fallout 4 is a post-nuclear apocalyptic action role-playing game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is the fifth major installment in the Fallout series and was released worldwide on November 10, 2015, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

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There are some weapons in Destiny 2 that you just have to have in your collection. The One Thousand Voices Exotic Fusion rifle (often called 1K voices or 1000 Voices) is just such an example, capable of demolishing your foes, be they boss or Guardian. If you want to earn this heavy weapon, you'll need.. Suivez vault_fallout_2 sur les profils eBay. Acheter, Vendre, collecte sur eBay n'a jamais été aussi excitant! vault_fallout_2 (pays : États-Unis) est inscrit sur eBay depuis le 16 nov. 2015. Utilisez cet espace pour vous présenter aux autres membres eBay et parler de vos passions Realistic Sniper rifle. 484 Ultra0 2 hours ago Fallout 76 - Xbox One - Vampire Explosive Hunting Rifle. (Xbox One) -- Fallout 76 High Cap Backpack Plan & Plasma Grenade / Mine & more! 309,04 руб. Бесплатная доставка An M4 service rifle is staged during a training exercise at Range 5, Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va., June 10, 2015. The investigation into a pair of rifles and a flak jacket that went missing last month during a Marine Corps training event in North Carolina remains ongoing

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Siga fallout2pipboy en los perfiles de eBay. Compra, venta, recogida en eBay nunca ha sido tan emocionante! Residente en Estados Unidos, fallout2pipboy es usuario de eBay desde 02 ene 2012. Usa este espacio para contar algo sobre ti y tus aficiones a los usuarios de eBay The Fallout 4 won't start is a common problem that a great many Fallout 4 players are vexed about. Are you still struggling to figure it out? Now, you can read the post of MiniTool, in which the 5 accessible troubleshooting methods are provided for you A Fallout 76 player designed a devious math camp base that traps other players and forces them to answer a mathematic riddle or burn up. The trap room was announced in the Fallout 76 subreddit yesterday. Eurogamer spied it and a Bethesda Softworks community manager this morning.. Rapid Fire, Burst Fire, Drop Shot, Quick Scope, Auto Run, even Turbo 2.0 and so many more. Master various weapons - from charged plasma rifles to a railgun - in the fight through packs of hostile alien life

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Plasma 5.17.5 Complete Changelog. Breeze. Add item spacing to size hint. Commit. Phabricator Code review D25740. Plasma Addons. [applets/weather] Fix regression in temperature size with short panels. Commit In-Game Items. Title. Fallout 76. Platform. PS4 Also expect a road to every rifle raffle. changing my poll because it can be misinterpreted, RIP Do you know me? With 558 votes Camps in Fallout 76 are meant to be cosy places for storing your gear and hosting charming post-apocalyptic tea parties. But over time they've established a second function: they're excellent for trapping and murdering other players Other instances, Fallout 76 will glitch out and make folks's pets disappear. Even worse, generally search out different folks's pets for kills, simply to rub it in — everybody is aware of that taming a pet takes laborious work, so camps with a buddy get a goal on their again

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The cuts since the start of the New Year come as the Japanese technology conglomerate reckons with the fallout from the failed public listing of office space firm WeWork, which saw its valuation slip from $47bn to $8bn Форум Fallout 2 казино Книга отзывов Fallout 2 казино. 6. Fallout new vegas казино всегда в выигрыше 2 Just as a concept, in most shooter games, the sniper rifle is intended to deal massive single target damage. If you consider borderlands to be a hybrid This used to be something that annoyed the crap out of me about Borderlands game. They had sniper rifles in the game but the classic sniper play.. President Donald Trump Jr.'s eldest son Donald Trump Jr. posted a photo on his Instagram page boasting about his new assault rifle magazine, which features an image of Hillary Clinton's face behind jail bars. That magazine is inserted into the well of the AR-15, which has been modified to resemble..

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Fallout 2 Power Armor - Start the Game in Enclave Digs. A beloved classic among RPG fans, Fallout 2 boasts immense replayability even after over ten years on the market. Perhaps the only part of the game that can falter a bit over several replays is the first few character levels achieved after game start Re: FALLOUT 3 A3-21's PLASMA RIFLE REPLICA. I love PVC/ABS pipe based projects. Easy to find materials that are easy to cut and manipulate. Re: FALLOUT 3 A3-21's PLASMA RIFLE REPLICA. Nice to see you made it over! In sure your work will be much appreciated here Plasma Rifle is a skin that is available from the Black Lion Weapons Specialist. Plasma Rifle Skin The original Plasma Rifle is limited to 500 pieces and costs $600 (USD), while the Brute Plasma Rifle is limited to only 150 pieces Fallout 1:1 Plasma Rifle Replica Won't Shoot Your Eye Out. Sony Vision-S Concept Car Makes Surprise Debut at CES. From the Vaults: 1980 Pontiac Turbo Trans Am As soon as I finished Fallout, having wiped my tears, I scurraged to throw myself into Fallout 2. Ofcourse, from just having I can imagine any new player trying to understand the Fallout universe to feel a bit discouraged from starting with sticks and stones, when the box clearly shows plasma rifle..

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  1. The much-anticipated video game Fallout 4 was released earlier this week, and German The pulse laser rifle also features LEDs that transition from red to green as the capacitors are charging. Laser etching in action! Sorry, Arnold, but who needs a phased plasma rifle in the 40 Watt range when you..
  2. Weaker Version of Turbo Plasma Rifle although it is still very powerful. Good choice of weaponry until it is upgraded. * First, get the Power Armor from the Brotherhood and your Plasma Rifle. Solve the Hydroponic farm quest and ask Miles and the Chemist(Name?) to improve both of them
  3. The Automatic Plasma Rifle is a weapon in Fallout 4. This plasma rifle has been modified for a much higher fire rate. This modified weapon has great range and accuracy
  4. Laser Rifle - upgrade. Turbo Plasma Rifle - upgrade. Zasięg: 35 Single: 5 Celowanie: 6 Damage: 35-70 Średni damage: 52 Amunicja: MFC Cena: 16300$
  5. With the Turbo Plasma Rifle, the enemy melts. It's either all a good thing or all a bad thing... I reccomend you don't take it, however, as some of In Fallout 2, with 300% Barter skill, and with 500 Karma, and being Idolized in the town where I was, the stuff I sold was half price to the stuff they sold

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Rifles such as the Fallout A3-21 plasma. Rifles such as the Fallout A3-21 plasma rifle are still fun to look at though. This gallery by IIIIIBarCodeIIIII on Reddit shows what a rifle like that looks like Tip for fallout 2. Get the Fallout 2 Restoration Project. Though it doesn't fix all the bugs, it does fix many of the bugs (Fallout 2 was released made of bugs.) Turbo Plasma Rifle FTW. With the correct perks you can get the TPR down to 2 AP (I believe) w/o targeting. If you have 10 AP to spend during a.. Brute Plasma Rifle: Known as the blood-hand by Jiralhanae, this variant was manufactured at the Sacred Promissory assembly forges in preparation for the High Prophet of Truth's takeover of the Covenant. Under its crimson plating, the artisan-engineers in Truth's employ were allowed to make.. Adds in a long barrel modification for the Plasma Rifle. Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog

Also the Turbo Plasma Rifle is able to shoot up to 6 times in one turn! Fallout 2: Small Guns - They got a huge upgrade thanks to guns like the Pancor and Gauss Rifle/Pistol. Fallout Tactics: Big Guns - They become a necessity in the later missions. Fallout 3: IMO, it's Small Guns - I know I might get.. Fallout 2. From Before I Play. Sulik is for some reason awesome with a .223 Pistol, while Cassidy is likewise incredibly good with the Gauss Rifle. If you're sick of Marcus constantly chewing through ammo and blowing away teammates, he is still reasonably effective with a Plasma Rifle Custom hand made 1/1 Plasma rifle used in the classic Video Game FALLOUT ! Piece is stunning all hand painted made with real glass and working LEDS! . Home » Entertainment Memorabilia » Video Game Memorabilia » Fallout Plasma Rifle Hand Made Full Sized With Working Leds Must See Only..

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I am almost finished with a first play through of Fallout 1. Still need to get that turbo plasma rifle upgraded. I must play Fallout 2 directly afterwards. Regarding the Littlepip mod Fo2 mod, the mod author has gotten out of the blue harsh comments recently from users who get butthurt seeing ponies.. Pick up Turbo Plasma Rifle on bench and ammo. Shoot A. Deathclaw til death and grab key. Run back and head West at bend to door Currently using Turbo Plasma Rifle (35-70 damage) that i found on 2nd or 3rd level of Rebirth Base. I wouldn't get out of base, because of forcefields (my science skill was too low to deactivate them)

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